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Information about Rick's projects in music recording


Apart from music performance, Rick has special interest in audio registration (recording) and (re)production.

During the years Rick played keys in Dream Catcher, he also was involved in the recordings and production for (demo)-CDs. He has learnt it's not only difficult to properly capture audio (with respect to both the acoustics and the available  equipment), but it is certainly more difficult to process the material into decent sounding music (apart from the intentions of the composer off course). He has gained valuable insight in recording techniques, mixing and mastering, by producing most of the bands material from the start (composition) to the end (your stereo set).

April 2016: Production for Simâ Duo (works by
Orkun Ağır)
Folk Songs - I. Şu Yalan Dünyaya

April 2016: Recording and mixing OKUR Ensemble for CD production (works by Orkun Ağır)
Semah (recording and mix)
Lament, Tahassur, Serenad (mix)

April 2016: Sounddesign for "Sashimi"
A short movie by Velcromedia

March 2016:
Matthäus Passion Concertzaal Tilburg
Live concert audio registration Live concert with Cantiqua and FBach conducted by A. Van Baest.
Conductor: Arjan van Baest
Soprano: Rianne Wilbers
Alto: Gabriëlle Nijhuis
Evangelist: Peter Vos
Tenor: Gert-Jan Verbueken
Christus: Frank Hermans
Basso: Marcel van Dieren
Choir: Cantiqua Concert, FBach Choir, Stichting Bachcantates Tilburg
Orchestra: FBach Orchestra
Live recording in Concertzaal Tilburg (The Netherlands)
Listen to PART1
Listen to PART2

July 2015: Cantiqua Tilburg
Live concert audio registration of Agnus Dei (A. van Baest world premiere), Church Sonata (W.A. Mozart) and Missa in tempore belli (J. Haydn).

December 2014: Klankconcerten Stichting Two Tone
Live concert audio registration.

October 2014: FC-Jongbloed - P. Schat: To You
Live concert audio registration To You (P. Schat) by FC Jongbloed - conducted by Aart Strootman
Muziekgebouw Eindhoven Kleine Zaal

September 2014: Stichting Muziek Nu & GOT
Live concert audio registration Duo Desimpelaere - chamber music repertoire for double bass and piano
Het Cenakel Tilburg - compositions with several world primières (E van Merode, A van Baest, R Groslot)

September 2014: KNOCK KNOCK
Live concert audio registration Chamber music recital with Rianne Wilbers, Toon Bierman and Marjolein Vermeeren

April 2014: Klankconcerten Stichting Two Tone
Arrangement 'In De Nacht - Hella Hertogs' for mixed choir.
For more info please visit klankconcerten.nl

March 2014: Matthäus Passion

Live concert audio registration Live concert with Cantiqua and FBach conducted by A. Van Baest.

February 2014: Rianne Wilbers - Toon Bierman
Studio audio registration, totally edit free required for audition: Ligeti - Der Sommer, Berio - La Donna Ideale, Berio - Loosin Yelav, Berio - Lo Fiolaire, Berio - Ballo, Saariaho - II Douleur

September 2013: Striggio Hillesum o.l.v. Arjan van Baest (Tilburg)
Live concert audio registration: Thoughts, Prayers and Inspirations. For god to god - A. van Baest

October 2012: Carnavalsvereniging De Kim: Club anthem


October 2012: De Feestbroeder: Ik weet zeker dat ik er nog eentje neem
Producer and engineer: all recordings, mixage and mastering

September 2012: BeApple: Love Me Do EP
Assistant producer: Recording engineer, mixage and mastering with Cees van Rooden jr

March 2012: Capcap ... cap - EP Resonance
Complete mixage and mastering

July 2011: BeApple plays The Beatles Volume 2 EP
Assistant recordings, mixage and mastering with Cees van Rooden

October 2008: BeApple: Mother Nature's Son
Producer: Recording engineer, mixage and mastering with Cees van Rooden jr

2007: Dream Catcher - Lost Inside Yourself EP (2007)


  • Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 USB Audio interface

  • Soundcraft EPM 6 Analogue mixer

  • EMU 0404 USB audio interface

  • Zoom H4 handheld stereo recorder for field recordings

  • Røde NT-5 matched pair small diaphragm condenser microphones

  • Røde NT-1000 large diaphragm condenser microphone

  • Shure SM 58 dynamic microphone pair

  • K&M 20811 microphone stand (for recording giants, choirs or church organs)

  • Samson 4ch headphones amplifier

  • Beyer Dynamic headphones

  • AKG headphones

  • Cordial Cables

  • Sony DHC-MD 515 Stereo set

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