Rick de Vos

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Information about Rick's projects in music


Rick de Vos started his 'musical education' at young age. He got lessons in basic music theory and trumpet lessons from his father. When he was ten his interest changed to the piano. With minimal guidance he started playing (self-educated) on an old casio keyboard. In the following years he attended lessons in piano and music theory at Het Kunstwartier (Helmond).

Although Rick's definitely not an expert in music theory, the common use of sheet music has no secrets for him. Besides his skills on piano/keyboard he also has basic skills on guitar, bass guitar and drumming.


Rick de Vos is a versatile Dutch keyboardist with experience in various band formations and projects.

In 2006, he formed the symphonic prog metal band Dream Catcher with his partner Rianne Wilbers. The band performed in muliple concert venues in The Netherlands (013 Tilburg, Bibelot Dordrecht, Archeon Festival Alphen aan de Rijn, Dynamo Eindhoven, Kerozine Pop Festival Beek, Impact Festival Helmond, Artimond Festival Helmond, De Lakei Poppodium Helmond, De Bunker Gemert, De Comeet Someren, Muziekcafé Helmond, and more ...). Though the band was formed as a 'high school band' and played covers (from bands like Nighwish, Epica, Lacuna Coil) initially, within the first years Dream Catcher was quite successful at band contests with only own material played. In 2008 they were awarded first price in the regional band contest 0492-poppodium (Helmond). The songs developed from  gothic influenced symphonic metal towards progressive metal like Dream Theater, To-Mera and Opeth. Rick has gained a lot of experience from composing music material for the band. He was also involved in audio recordings for the band.

Through the years Rick has collaborated as a keyboardist in several projects. He is also substitute keyboardist for the party band Die Partyhosen from Laarbeek (previously known as De Klokkendorper).

Currently, Rick plays keys in the allround cover band Triple X


  • Yamaha MOTIF XS 8

  • Korg Triton Le

  • Yamaha MOTIF es rack

  • Behringer UMX490 customized 'keytar' MIDI controller

  • Wisdom Music's Morph Wiz, GEO Synth

  • Samson S-Amp headphones amp

  • Shure SE215CL inear monitors

  • Soundcraft EPM6 mixer

  • Behringer fullrange monitor speaker


For Rick, music doesn't always have to be 'story telling', because music has the property to be totally abstract. Every person can create his own story to what he/she hears. Rick is totally fond of music with lots of ambience. This is found in multiple music genres! (So if you are in to that too, you should definitely listen to Dhafer Youssef Quartet, Kanivool, Chimp Spanner, Haken, Tesseract, or ... his own music!)

Rick has been main composer in the band Dream Catcher. His compositions were inspired on bands like Dream Theater, Opeth, Ayreon, Epica, After Forever, To-Mera and tons of others. However, besides symphonic metal, a lot of other influences can be heard in his music (listen to his soundcloud for instance).

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